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Why Do People Choose Laser Hair Removal Over Other Hair Removal Options?

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Laser hair removal uses heat generated by laser light to individually target hair follicles and prevent them from growing hair. You can find laser hair removal treatment at dermatologists' offices and even some spas. These treatments are typically quick, and they grow more effective with multiple sessions. Here are some reasons that many people choose laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair on their faces and bodies:

1. Cater to sensitive skin.

Laser hair removal is a gentle hair removal method that can cause less overall irritation than shaving and chemical depilation. If you often suffer from razor burn after shaving or frequently find ingrown hairs on your legs, underarms, or bikini area, laser hair removal can offer relief. Since laser hair removal is a long-term hair removal option, you'll be able to forgo razors, depilatory chemicals, and waxing strips that can hurt and irritate your skin.

2. Choose outfits without fear of stubble.

Summer is an excellent time to show off your bikini body and bare arms and legs. However, stubble can be annoying and unsightly. People whose body hair grows quickly may find that they begin to show stubble after a single day. If you're tired of planning your outfits around your hair growth, laser hair removal can provide a different option. Laser hair removal damages hair follicles to prevent hair from growing back. After your treatment, you can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin that looks great in anything you decide to wear.

3. Spend less time worrying about unwanted hair.

Some people experience permanent hair loss after successive laser hair removal treatments. Even people who do eventually experience some regrowth may find that their hair grows back sparser and lighter than before. Laser hair removal can provide months or years of smooth, hairless skin. This can save you time and money on day-to-day cosmetic upkeep.

4. Experience an easy, comfortable treatment.

Laser hair removal is more intensive than many home hair removal treatments, which can leave some people feeling wary about the possibility of pain or discomfort during the process. However, most people find that laser hair removal is easily tolerable. The lasers used during the treatment are calibrated to only target your hair follicles, which means that your surrounding skin will be unaffected. You may feel a slight sting as each hair follicle is heated with the laser, but a special cooling tool applied immediately after can bring you instant relief.

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