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Addicted To Alcohol? 3 Types Of Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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If you are addicted to alcohol, it can be difficult for you to quit drinking alone. One thing you should consider is alcohol addiction treatment. There are three types of treatments available so you should have no problem finding one or more than can help you with your addiction problem. 

Behavioral Alcohol Addiction Treatment

One type of treatment you can choose is known as behavioral treatment. This type of treatment provides counseling by a trained therapist. They teach you ways to change your drinking behavior. 

With this, you may be asked to stay in a residential inpatient treatment center which will offer 24-hour medical care and monitoring. This is suggested if you have a strong addiction to alcohol or if you have been drinking for many years. How long you stay in the residential treatment center will depend on your personal situation. In many cases, it is a few months or longer. 

Outpatient Treatment

Another type of alcohol treatment is outpatient treatment. One type is known as intensive treatment. You may attend your therapy sessions a few days per week, and they generally last for several hours. You will be given individual therapy with your therapist, along with group therapy in many cases. This treatment may last a few months depending on how you respond to the treatment. Because the treatment lasts a long time you may not be able to work full-time but can still live at home.

There is also standard outpatient alcohol treatment. This will be suggested if you have not been drinking for a long period of time, as well as if you do not drink a lot. You will have treatment for a few hours per week and can live at home, go to work, etc. In most cases, you will go to group therapy sessions. There may be times when you will receive individual therapy as well. 

Use Medications

Another type of alcohol treatment is using medications. If this is chosen, you will also be given other types of therapy along with the medication. Your doctor can prescribe this medication to you or other types of health care professionals. 

There are medications that have been approved by the FDA to treat alcohol addiction so these may work well to ease your cravings while going through the treatment. The doctor will decide on what dosage you need.

Talk with the provider at the alcohol addiction treatment center you choose to learn more about the treatments above. They can help you decide what treatment would work best for you.