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Buying Scrubs: What To Consider When Shopping

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From all types of specialties, scrubs have long been a tried and true choice of apparel for healthcare workers. With their simplistic design and ease of use, scrubs make for the perfect type of workwear in this industry. When shopping for scrubs, one may be tempted to shop directly from the rack or buy items hastily. However, a few things should be considered beforehand to ensure the scrubs are the right fit. Read on for a few considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a new pair of medical scrubs

The Perfect Fit

When it comes to purchasing the right pair of scrubs, comfort simply cannot be compromised. Worn for entire work shifts, scrubs must be comfortable enough to move around in quickly in the case of an emergency situation and perform typical work duties. Having measurements done prior to purchasing a pair of scrubs will greatly improve the overall fit and comfort of the scrubs and actually help extend their lifetime. Bust, weight, hip, and inseam measurements will all need to be noted to ensure the scrubs fit perfectly. Special considerations should be made for those who are tall, petite, or plus size to guarantee the range of movement is sufficient before purchasing. 

Full Functionality

Choosing a fabric that moves easily will allow for health care workers to move around easily and without resistance. Opting for a fabric that offers a small amount of stretch can guarantee that a full range of movement will be available and shrinkage can be avoided. Pockets also make for a convenient addition to scrubs and add an element of utility that can certainly come in handy in many medical professions. When trying on scrubs, considering the depth and length of the pockets can be useful to gauge if they will be appropriate. Constructed on the sides of pants or on the front of tops, pockets can make for an easy way to store smaller items including badges, keys, and pens.  

Color Coordination

Scrubs can work as an incredible way for teams to be recognized and bring an air of cohesiveness to the health care work environment. Coordinating similar colors to other coworkers can help distinguish what specialty someone in the health care industry may work in. Some practices allow their employees to choose their own colors as a way they may express themselves through their work apparel. Keeping in mind the general palette that is respectful to one's team, a wide range of colors and patterns can help scrubs look their best and make a statement. Those working in a pediatric ward, for example, could find that wearing scrubs with lovable or funny cartoons can help their young patients feel more at ease.