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Six Key Advantages Of Curette Retipping

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Medical and dental facilities using instruments such as curettes can benefit significantly from using a curette retipping service. There are numerous advantages to retipping curettes and other instruments. 

The following are six key advantages of curette retipping.

Curette retipping makes curettes and other instruments more effective

Over time, curette tips will get worn down as they are repeatedly scaled, sharpened, and recontoured. Eventually, curettes tips become thinned out and shortened on the end. At this point, they will no longer be effective instruments for medical or dental procedures.

Retipping involves putting a new tip on a curette to restore the utility of the instrument. The handle of the instrument remains, but the working end is replaced. 

Instruments are carefully inspected during retippng

During retipping, the working end is not the only component of the instrument that receives attention. Retipping will also typically involve inspecting the entire instrument to check and see if it has retained its durability and effectiveness. 

Inspections during retipping ensure that instruments stay in good shape over time and are replaced promptly when necessary. 

Retipping is completely safe

The retipping process is absolutely safe because it is very similar to the process used to manufacture currettes.

During the process, the tip of the instrument is heated to a very high temperature so that the sealer holding the tip in place is released. Then, the tip is removed and the instrument is reassembled with a new tip.

This process is safe and simple. The end result is an instrument that is both easier to use and more effective. 

Retipping can be done on not only curettes, but many other types of instruments

Retipping is a versatile process that doesn't only restore the usefulness of curettes. Other instruments that retipping can be done on include scalers, probes, surgical knives, and various composite/plastic instruments. 

Curette retipping minimizes waste

Medical and dental facilities wishing to do what they can to improve the condition of the environment will be especially satisfied with the fact that retipping minimizes waste. With retipping, only the part of an instrument that is no longer usable is thrown away. The handle is reused indefinitely rather than disposed of. 

Curette retipping saves money

Constantly needing to replace instruments can be costly. Retipping is more cost-effective than throwing out curettes and replacing them with new ones. Therefore, retipping saves money and can increase the profitability of a health care facility. 

Reach out to a local curette retipping service to learn more.