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Is It Time For A Colonoscopy? When To Have One And What You Can Expect

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Colonoscopies aren't just for aging men, women should also be getting a colonoscopy as they get older as well. A colonoscopy is a procedure in which a tube with a tiny camera is inserted in the rectum and up through the colon in order to spot issues such as colon cancer, polyps, or other abnormalities within the colon. This is something everyone in their lifetime should have done, usually starting at the age of 50 for both men and women alike. There are times, however, when this test should be performed before the age of 50. Read on for further information about colonoscopies.

When Should You Get A Colonoscopy?

You should begin getting colonoscopies around the age of 50, but there may be times when you should have this test done before then. If you have any family history of colon cancer or other colon-related issues, you should have this testing done. If you have bowel issues, or other gastrointestinal issues, your physician may order a colonoscopy. If you have blood in your stool, which may occur often, you should have a colonoscopy test done to rule out any colon health concerns.

What To Expect With A Colonoscopy

When your colonoscopy is ordered, you should be given further information regarding your colonoscopy. You will also be given information regarding how to prep for the colonoscopy. You will have to have your colon cleansed before the colonoscopy, this way the tiny camera will have a good view of your colon. The day before your colonoscopy you should be home, as you will most likely need to be very close to a bathroom. The day of your colonoscopy, you are going to need someone to drive you to and from your colonoscopy test. You aren't going to be put under, but you will be given an anesthetic or muscle relaxer, and you will not be able to drive. You will also need someone to stay with you after this procedure to ensure you don't have any issues after the procedure is over.

A colonoscopy is a test that looks for any abnormalities in your colon. If you have a family history of colon cancer, or other colon-related or bowel issues, you should talk to your physician about ordering a colonoscopy in order to properly diagnose a colon issue, and to have it treated properly. Your health is very important, talk to your physician about having a colonoscopy.