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2 Tips For Making Physical Therapy Exercises At Home More Fun For Your Toddler

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If your toddler is starting to go to physical therapy for an injury or developmental issue, the therapist will most likely give them exercises to do at home. Because these activities can sometimes seem rather dull for your child, you may be wondering how you can turn their therapy time into playtime. If so, use the following tips for making their therapy exercises at home more fun.

1.  Work on a Puzzle but Incorporate Squatting

If your child is able to stand but needs to strengthen their leg muscles, their therapist may assign exercises that require your toddler to squat down and then stand up. You can make this activity a little more interesting by working on a puzzle together. However, add a step in the activity that requires them to move around.

Instead of sitting at a table or on the floor to work the puzzle, have the assembly area on a surface that is slightly above your child's waist. Then, scatter the puzzle pieces on the floor so that your child has to squat down to pick one up, then raise back up to put the pieces together.

While they are working the puzzle, gently remind them not to bend over at the waist, and instead, use their legs. The repetitive squats can help make their leg and buttock muscles stronger.

2.  Encourage Your Child to Climb up on Things

As part of your child's therapy sessions, they may be asked to stretch their body up as well as to lift themselves to help strengthen their arms and upper body. These are the same movements that are used when your toddler climbs up on things such as a bed, sofa, or chair.

To help encourage these movements, place their favorite toy in the middle of your bed, and ask them to fetch it. You can even make a game out of it where they get a special reward for doing so quickly. You can also take your child to a playground that is designed for toddlers and encourage them to play on the jungle gym.

The above tips are only a couple of ways you can help your child do their exercises while helping to keep them entertained and excited about doing them. Ask the therapist during your toddler's pediatric physical therapy session for personalized advice as well as demonstrations of fun ways to perform the exercises they assign.

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