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Reasons Women May Consider Breast Augmentation Surgery

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There are numerous reasons why a woman may want to consider a consultation with a breast augmentation surgeon. These skilled professionals are often more than happy to provide an individual with an initial consult so that they can learn more about the services that are available. Here are some reasons a woman may consider breast augmentation surgery: 

Asymmetrical Breasts

In some situations, a woman's breasts are simply asymmetrical. One may be larger than the other, or one may be shaped differently than the other. This can make it difficult to find bras or lingerie that fit appropriately, and it can also affect a woman's self confidence. This asymmetry can be corrected surgically so that both breasts are a similar shape and size. 

Adjust Body Proportions

Some women are born with body proportions that don't line up, and the measurements of their breasts are much smaller than the measurements of their hips. Some women may find that this causes self-esteem issues and makes it difficult for them to find clothing that fits them appropriately. Surgery can adjust the bodily proportions so that a woman's breast measurements and hip measurements are more consistent. 

Boost Self Confidence

If a woman is born with breasts that are smaller than average, it's easy to develop self-esteem issues. Many of these problems can start during the teenage years, as puberty hits and other teens begin to tease her for not developing "correctly." As she ages and it becomes more obvious that she is going to have small breasts for the rest of her life, it's easy to feel let down and disappointed.

Breast augmentation surgery can increase the cup size of a woman's breasts or alter their overall shape and size, boosting her self confidence so that she's more satisfied with her appearance. 

Reconstructive Surgery

After an individual contracts breast cancer, tumors may need to be surgically removed. In these situations, the breast may not retain its original shape or size. A cosmetic surgeon who is well versed in breast augmentation can reconstruct the breast so that it is more natural in appearance, if this is something that the woman desires. 

Individuals who are considering breast implant surgery may want to consult a local cosmetic surgeon to learn more about their options. These surgeons can provide an individual with more details about the procedures that are available and how to proceed with each option to achieve the desired results.