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Choosing The Right Wheelchair For You

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If you have recently found that you need a wheelchair, whether you need it full-time due to a disabling injury or you need it part-time when you are too tired or weak to walk, you may be surprised to find that there are many different types of wheelchairs available to you. Choosing the right wheelchair will ensure that you are comfortable and safe in your wheelchair, while choosing the wrong one may make the prospect of using your wheelchair seem like a troublesome task. Get to know some of the factors to consider when choosing your first wheelchair, so you can be as comfortable and as safe as possible. 

Choose Between Manual and Electric

One of the biggest factors to consider when you are choosing your first wheelchair is whether you want to go manual or electric. Manual wheelchairs are a great deal more common and can be more convenient for many people. Most manual wheelchairs can fold down to be easily transported in the backseat or trunk of a car, for example, while electric wheelchairs cannot and often require large cargo space to be transported. 

When deciding between manual and electric wheelchairs, it is also important to keep your own capabilities in mind. If you are not strong in the upper body, for example, wheeling yourself around in a manual wheelchair may be quite difficult. In such cases, if you do not have a caregiver to help you move about, you may need to seriously consider an electric wheelchair. 

Consider the Weight

The weight of your wheelchair is another important factor to consider when choosing the right chair for you. The weight of your wheelchair can affect how easy it is to maneuver as well as how well you will be able to transport your wheelchair, particularly if you are on your own in doing so. 

Standard weight wheelchairs are stronger and often more durable than lightweight options. They are also often more economical when it comes to price. However, lightweight wheelchairs are easier to move yourself in and are simpler to transport as it takes less effort to load and unload them into the car. 

Think About a Standing Wheelchair

If you are still able to stand or walk but need the wheelchair for when you are feeling weak or tired, then you may also want to consider what are known as standing wheelchairs. Standing wheelchairs are electric wheelchairs that have a chairlift feature included with them. 

This means that the seat portion of the chair will raise you up todo not a near-standing position so you  have to use all of your muscle strength to push yourself up and out of your wheelchair. Similarly, when you sit down you can use the lift feature (in reverse) to lower yourself into the chair. This can help to prevent injuries and muscle fatigue that you do not need when already dealing with such issues. 

Now that you know some of the factors to consider when choosing your wheelchair, you can be certain you choose the right option for you and your needs.