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Types of Massage That May Help Your Stiff & Sore Neck

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Neck pain and stiffness is a common complaint. It can develop from working at a computer all day or from reading a tablet or smartphone with your head in a downward position. Neck pain that's caused by muscle strain and tension can often be relieved through stretching and massage. Here are some suggestions for treating neck pain with massage therapy.

Get a Quick Chair Massage

If you don't want to take time for a relaxing full body massage, just take a few minutes for a chair massage. You won't need to disrobe, and you may even find chair massages available where you work or at the mall. All you need to do is lean forward and rest your head on a cushioned support arm while the massage therapist works on your neck, shoulders, and back.

If the pain and stiffness are severe, the therapist may avoid your neck initially. Massaging the shoulders and back is often enough to help with neck pain. The massage techniques relax knotted and tense muscles so strain on your neck is relieved. To learn more about chair massages, contact services like Body Well Mobile Massage.

Enjoy a Leisurely Full Body Massage

Once cause of neck pain is tension. When you're tense and anxious, you may hold onto the tension in your shoulder and neck muscles. Physical tension is another cause of neck pain. This can be caused by poor posture or by working hunched over your desk for long periods. A long massage helps you unwind and relieve stress. The therapist is also able to work on tight muscles to relieve pain and speed recovery.

If you've injured your muscles or tissues and caused scarring, massage can even break up the scar tissue to promote healing. In addition, massage increases blood flow. This helps your neck recover from strain quicker and promotes better health of your muscles and tendons. By having regular massage therapy sessions, you may be able to heal your sore neck and prevent it from returning.

Give Your Neck a Self-Massage

Ask your massage therapist what you can do at home to help your sore neck. You may be taught how to do a self-massage throughout the day when you feel your neck getting tense. A quick self-massage can help keep your neck relaxed and free from pain. In addition, you may be taught stretches that act as a type of massage in that they stimulate your muscles and keep them from becoming stiff and knotted.

Massage therapy could be the solution for your frequent neck pain. However, if your neck doesn't seem to respond to the treatments, you may want to see your doctor or chiropractor to rule out medical conditions and injuries that could be contributing to your problem.