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Five Cremation Options For A Loved One Who Loved Nature

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When it comes to selecting an urn, there are many options to choose from. If you are planning a funeral for a loved one who was in love with nature, here are a few options to choose from.

Tree Urns

Tree urns are biodegradable urns with tree seeds mixed with the cremains. As the urn deteriorates over time, it begins to grow a tree. This is one way your loved one can literally become one with nature. There are several different types of tree urns to choose from, including dogwood, spruce, maple and palm trees.

Biodegradable Water Burial Urns

Biodegradable water burial urns provide a natural way to perform a water burial. They make performing a memorial service on a boat or on a shore a beautiful event, and the urn itself degrades over time. They are designed to slip underwater as you and your loved ones say your final goodbyes.

Natural Sand Art Urns

Natural sand art urns are ideal for anyone who loved being by the beach or on water. They are made with natural sand, and they can be used to hold your loved one's cremains on your mantle, or they can be used for deep-sea burials. They degrade over time when placed in water, but will keep their shape and structure if kept in dry conditions.

Burial Urns

Some people prefer to have their loved one's cremains buried. There are lots of options for a nature-friendly urn burial. They can be crafted from cornstarch, paper or other biodegradable materials, which will break down over time. This means your loved one's ashes will eventually mingle with the dirt for a natural burial.

Biodegradable Scattering Urns

You may choose to scatter some of your loved one's ashes and bury the rest. This can give you more options for honoring his or her memory. You can spread some of the ashes in a favorite forest or lake, and bury the rest in the family cemetery. These urns come with special caps to keep the cremains in place until they are ready to be scattered, and the biodegradable design means the urn won't sit in the ground for forever. It will eventually degrade, allowing your loved one's ashes to blend with the soil.

Talk to your funeral home director, such as at Romero Family Funeral Home Corp., about these options and any others he or she may be able to offer. By choosing an earth-friendly urn option, you can honor your loved one's memory and love of nature.