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Does Your Child Have A Cleft Lip And Other Facial Concerns? What To Know

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If your child was born with a cleft lip and some oral deformities and you are interested in getting everything fixed, you have to talk with the right medical professionals right away after birth, and you'll want to get referrals from your pediatrician.

Getting the cleft lip fixed may not be something that can be done right away if there are some dental concerns or structural concerns with the face. Here are a few things you want to talk with the specialists about before you let your child go under the knife.

Oral Safety and Changes Need

See if the child needs to have any orthodontic or oral procedures to repair the pallet, the teeth, or the jaw bones in the mouth before you have any type of plastic surgery performed. Make sure that they have a full structural and oral examination by a professional to see if a procedure will be needed for that, because if so you may want to have both surgeries completed at the same time.

Plastic Surgery Options

Find a plastic surgeon that specializes in cases involving cleft lip infants, to see work that they have done and to talk with them about your infant's case. Pediatric plastic surgeons that work with cleft lip cases will have the skills and experience to perform the surgery with precision, and they can realistically let you know what the outcome will be after the procedure.

Monitoring Physician

What physician is going to be monitoring the infant's health during the surgical procedures? You want a doctor that isn't the surgeon, but another physician that is monitoring the vitals and the infant while the surgery takes place, to make sure that they are safe and there aren't any concerns with the anesthesia or the health of the infant. You want a pediatric specialist on the surgical floor to ensure everything is alright.

If you know that your child should get the physical problems they have fixed right away so they can heal faster, and so they can heal the right way as your infant grows, you'll want to find the right surgeons to work on your infant's case. Your child's health is going to be a concern before their physical appearance, but fixing the cleft lip is something you'll want to have completed right away, and it's something that you can have done with great results if you choose the best pediatric plastic surgeon. For more information, contact a center that specializes in pediatric plastic surgery, like Shriners Hospitals for Children – Cincinnati.