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Neck Pain From Whiplash: Things To Know

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Did a rear-end collision leave you with neck pain from whiplash that is hard to cope with? As long as it is determined by a specialist that surgery isn't necessary, you may be able to get pain relief by wearing a cervical collar and undergoing physical therapy. In this article, learn what you should know about whiplash and getting your neck pain treated.

Why Do Automobile Accidents Sometimes Cause Whiplash?

Whiplash is commonly experienced by victims of rear-end collisions due to the sudden force caused by the other vehicle. Basically, the impact caused your neck to jerk and injure the cervical region of your spinal cord. You must understand that the spinal cord runs up and down your back, as well as into your neck. Damage to the cervical region can be responsible for both neck and back pain.

It is vital to get all parts of your spinal cord examined (vertebrae, joints) in case other symptoms occur after the cervical region in your neck is treated. You don't want to leave a spinal injury from whiplash untreated because it can lead to paralysis. If the cervical region of the spinal cord is the only part that was damaged during the collision, a specialist may treat it with physical therapy and putting a cervical collar around your neck. The collar is ideal for preventing your neck from moving around too much and causing further spinal damage. Physical therapy is a good way to help your cervical region heal enough to get rid of the collar.

How Will the Cervical Region Be Treated During Physical Therapy?

Basically, during physical therapy, the specialist will have to temporarily the collar off for each session. He or she will then massage the cervical region of your neck because it will help with blood circulation. As blood begins to circulate smoothly, you will notice that the pain from whiplash will begin to go away. You will likely need more than one session before the cervical collar is taken off for good. The number of sessions required depends on the severity of your whiplash and how fast you are able to heal.

You may get the areas of your back surrounding the spinal cord massaged during physical therapy as well. Tending to the entire spinal cord can be helpful with getting rid of whiplash symptoms. Talk to a specialist like Isaacson Wayne MD about your neck pain as soon as possible!