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Caring For Your Terminally Ill Parent In Their Final Moments

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Outside of the medical profession, most people aren't prepared to take care of a person who is nearing the end of their lives. If your parent has a terminal illness, you'll be faced with new and frustrating experiences. People who do hospice care in your area understand the needs of the patient and the caregiver. Here is how a hospice provider helps both you and your parent through this difficult stage of life.

Management of Physical Aches and Pains

If your parent's condition is painful, the hospice workers will make sure the person has enough pain medication to keep them comfortable, yet conscious enough to interact with friends and family. Sedation is not the preferred way to control the pain as it prevents your parent from being a part of important decisions that affect their life.

Staying Respectful of Belief Systems

While the hospice providers are trained in healthcare and medical procedures, they will support your parent's particular religious faith or belief system. How they work with your parent will be in line with your parent's end-of-life beliefs. They will help to organize special ceremonies and rituals that are important to your parent.

Involving Family in the Daily Activities and Decisions

The hospice workers will ask to work closely with you and other family members. They will educate you as to what your parent is going through and what they may experience next. They will help you to know when your parent needs special attention and when they need their own quiet time. They will let you be involved as much or as little as you wish with your parent's daily care.

Coordination of Care

The hospice organization will help you coordinate with other healthcare practitioners for your parent's needs. For example, breathing may become difficult for your parent. The hospice workers will ask the doctor for an order to have oxygen present and contact a local medical supply company to bring out the necessary oxygen tanks and masks.

Support for Both of You Through the Final Hours

As hospice workers gain experience, they become aware of when people are reaching the final moments of their life. The staff will tell you of their observations and expectations for the coming hours or days. They will help you get ready for the passing of your parent so you can spend as much quality time as possible with them.

Hospice care in your home allows your parent to spend their last days in a comfortable and familiar surrounding. The staff know that this is a stressful time for you and your family, so they are there to support you, too.