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Keep Calm and Kegel On: 4 Tips For a Healthy Reproductive System

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Have you ever really thought about the way your vagina feels? It might be a strange question, but knowing how to determine whether or not you have a healthy reproductive system is important. It extends beyond having a normal period or pain-free menopause. Consider the following tips to keep your reproductive system in great shape.

1. Learn how to perform Kegel exercises.

Strengthen your vaginal muscles by tightening them with Kegels. You can perform a Kegel exercise by flexing your muscles as if you are holding back the flow of urine. If it makes it easier, you can practice as you are urinating. The purpose? You are much more likely to enjoy sexual intercourse, and it could lead to a better orgasm. In your later years, you will be less likely to become incontinent. The greatest benefit of all is that you can perform these exercises at any time and nobody will be able to tell.

2. Cotton underwear will save you from discomfort.

Cotton underwear is the best underwear for your reproductive system based on breathability. Synthetic fabric traps moisture, which can lead to intense yeast infections. Plus, uncomfortable fabrics leads to irritation and itchiness that just isn't comfortable. Still feeling itchy? Think about the laundry detergent you are using to wash your underwear. It could be causing even more discomfort than you realize.

3. Ditch the bubble baths.

Don't worry, you can still take a bath. Just skip the inorganic products. Everything that sits in the water with you has the opportunity to seep into your body. This means that you want to avoid toxic chemicals that can affect the PH level of your vagina, which has its own balance. Natural products that don't contain sweeteners, glycerin, or parabens won't cause itchiness or infection.

4. Take care of your toys.

Many women use toys in the bedroom, and this is nothing to be ashamed of. Still, it is wise to purchase only those that are not going to cause harm. Throw out toys that contain phthalates or feel like jelly. Anything porous is also suspicious, as is anything that smells like chemicals. These toys can cause infection, especially if you don't wash them. Many adult shops sell cleaner for toys, but you can also use good old soap and water to wash them after each use.

Every woman's body is slightly different. One woman may get yeast infections from one day of wearing noncotton underwear, whereas others never experience this pain. Talk to a gynecologist, such as one from Western Branch Center for Women, if you have any questions about your own reproductive health.