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Healthy Slim Down | Vitamins You Should Be Taking To Help You Lose Weight

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Diet and exercise may be the most logical way to help you lose weight, but if you are looking to achieve a healthy slim down, there are some vitamins and supplements you should not pass up at the vitamin store. The simple fact is, your body needs specific vitamins in order to boost the metabolism and help you shed the pounds. Here are five vitamins or supplements you should be taking along with maintaining a healthy diet and the appropriate amount of exercise.

1. Vitamin D - Spend a few months indoors without sunlight and you will see a dramatic difference in how you feel overall. This is because your body uses sunlight to make vitamin D, which supports an overall healthy immune system and strong bones. These are both incredibly important when you are trying to lose weight and get fit.

2. Vitamin B-12 - A metabolic change, measured by high methylmalonic levels, is a good indicator of vitamin B-12 deficiency, which means that low levels of this vitamin could easily slow your metabolism. Taking vitamin B-12 when you are trying to lose weight is only a logical solution. Not only will you be giving your metabolism a healthy boost, but your energy levels as well.

3. Magnesium - This vitamin provides a range of benefits from promoting healthy sleep to aiding in the regulation of blood glucose levels. Both of these are vital when you are on a diet and will have a direct impact on how well you succeed because both erratic blood sugar levels and lack of sleep can increase unhealthy cravings.

4. Fish Oil - The valuable omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil are a valuable nutrient for an array of ailments, including painful menstruation and heart health. However, this is often also taken by people who are trying to lose weight. Fish oil can be taken to lower triglycerides and blood pressure, which is always an important part of achieving a healthy lifestyle.

5. Probiotics - Considered the "gut-health" vitamin, probiotics work to encourage healthy digestion by supplying good bacteria that keeps your stomach and intestinal tract in shape. Probiotics can also boost your immune system, which will always be helpful when you are trying to lose weight.

If you are in the process of making a change in your life to live healthier and lose weight, make sure you take some time to consider the products at the vitamin store that can help. Taking the right combination of vitamins and supplements could be the one thing that makes all the difference in your success. For more information, contact a vitamin store such as Corner Drugs.