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Hearing Loss: How Others Can Tell It's Time For You To Get Hearing Aids

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While you may feel upset over the thought of people seeing your hearing aids, your behavior when you can't hear is more noticeable. From continually asking your friends and family to repeat what they said, to missing pieces of conversations entirely, it is clear to your friends and family members when it is time for you to get hearing aids.

You Ask People to Stop Mumbling

One of the first complaints many people have who are experiencing hearing loss, is that it sounds like everyone around you is mumbling. Hearing loss can go very slowly, so you may not have noticed your hearing loss over time. If you notice that it feels like people around you aren't articulating their words well enough, it may be time to get your hearing checked.

You Talk Really Loud on the Phone

If you've ever had a phone call with an older friend or relative, and you've had to turn down the volume on your telephone, then you understand. People who are experiencing hearing loss will talk loudly on the phone without even noticing it. If you are having trouble hearing, your friends will know it before you do if you talk on the phone often enough. 

You Don't Engage Actively In Conversation

While it's possible to miss pieces of a conversation and still participate, when you stop engaging in large segments of a conversation, your friends will become concerned. Especially if the conversation is among a group of friends sitting in a crowded environment, where distractions make listening to each other even harder. Your friends will notice your lack of participation and may even wonder if there is something wrong with you.

You Don't Answer to Your Name

People with hearing loss will sometimes not hear a person calling their name, especially if the person calling out is a woman. The first tones people start to lose when they are experiencing hearing loss are the higher tones, or those tones associated with female voices. You don't want your friends or loved ones to think that you are ignoring them. If a loved one has had to say your name several times, you should get a hearing test done.

While hearing loss may be embarrassing, it is not something that you have to just deal with. With all of the types of hearing aids on the market today, it is possible to get hearing aids with a sleek design from a retailer like Your friends and loved ones may not even notice the small hearing aids you have in, but they will certainly notice if you are not wearing them.