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3 Questions To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before Considering Breast Enhancement Surgery

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Whether you're considering getting breast implants or getting a lift/reduction, making the decision to get breast enhancement surgery isn't a decision that should be taken lightly. There are a great deal of factors to take into consideration-- cost, recovery time, scarring, and the risks of any surgery to name a few. How well your surgery is performed also highly depends on how much skill and experience your surgeon has. It pays to ask your potential surgeon a few crucial questions before making any decisions. Here are three vital questions you should ask before considering breast enhancement surgery:

Can I Speak to Previous Patients?

While most surgeons will tout their credentials upfront, it's a better idea to ask to speak to previous patients and find out how satisfied they are with their surgeries. Breast enhancement surgeries vary immensely from doctor to doctor, and the best way to get an idea of a surgeon's work is to see the results and speak to previous patients. In lieu of this, you can also ask to view before/after photos. Ask to see a wide assortment of photos-- especially those depicting patients that have had the same surgery you're looking to receive.

What If There Are Complications?

All surgeries sometimes have complications. It's best to get information about how your surgeon will deal with such possible complications out in the open. If the surgery will be held at a surgery center, is that center equipped to handle life-threatening complications should they arise? What if there are complications during the recovery phase? Will a second surgery be covered by the cost of the first surgery if needed? All of these questions are vital.

What's Covered and What Isn't?

Most insurance companies will not cover the full costs of a breast enhancement surgery. Some will cover some aspects, however. Find out what's covered and what isn't as quickly as possible. You'll likely need to ask about every step of the surgery-- from the actual surgery itself to your recovery room stay after the surgery, any medication needed, and any follow-up visits. Also, be sure to ask about what would happen if you're not satisfied with the results. Different surgeons have different policies when it comes to a patient's satisfaction. 

Information is power. This is especially the case when it comes to cosmetic surgeries like breast enhancement surgery. Find out all the information you can beforehand, hitting on the above questions especially. Speak to various surgeons until you receive answers you're satisfied with and see examples of other surgeries that you're happy with. Never sell yourself short when it comes to your body.

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